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Gallery Scrolling tips

Viewing the image galleries at is very straightforward. To maximise viewer enjoyment this page offers some viewing tips to ensure you navigate the galleries as easy as possible. If you are viewing this site on iPad/Tablet, it is recommended that it should be viewed in landscape format (see illustration below)*


Each gallery presents the viewer with a set of thumbnail images. The thumbnails are only a portion of the actual image and NOT the entire image. Simply click on a thumbnail image(PC/Mac), or touch it (iPad/Tablet) and the entire image will be revealed. To scroll forward through the entire gallery, select any portion of the right hand side of the image you first selected and click it TWICE. To scroll back through the gallery simply select any portion of the left hand side of the image and click it TWICE.


When finished, click X to escape.



Click portion above TWICE to

scroll FORWARD through image Gallery

Click portion above TWICE to scroll BACK through image Gallery




* iPad/Tablet recommended viewing formats





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