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Swan Lake (Part One) ~ Photo Slideshow, including soundtrack by Ray Shaw Music

It's collaboration time once again!

Following on from my first collaboration with Sunderland composer RAY SHAW MUSIC, there is now a second helping, here on

The Swan Whisperer teams up with the classic composer once again, as we bring you SWAN LAKE (Part One), a photo slideshow that features many of my favourite Mute Swan shots that have been captured over the last few years. These nature shots were once termed 'Signature Shots' by the late David Fletcher, a very accomplished and respected photographer from Washington, Tyne & Wear. It was a compliment that stuck in my head, and, upon reflection, I couldn't have worded it better myself, and I mean that in a modest way. It certainly seemed that no-one else I knew was actually doing these kind of shots, especially with the use of off-camera flash, which I used on quite a few occasions.

So here it is...without further ado...SWAN LAKE (Part One), with a classic accompaniment, courtesy of


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