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Gary Numan (Acoustic Tour) > Wylam Brewery, Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK - October, 2023

A change of direction for the electronic maestro, Gary Numan.

For this mini tour of the UK, gone are the synths and electric guitars, in favour of acoustic instruments, to lay down an 'up close and personal' rendition of his songs, which span a musical career of over 40 years.


Alongside Gary at Wylam Brewery, Newcastle, were -


Steve Harris (Guitar), Tim Slade (Bass Guitar & Double Bass), Richard Beasley (Percussion) and David Brooks (Keyboard).


I must admit, I wasn't sure what to expect from this live show, as acoustic songs were something I never imagined Gary Numan performing, at least not a full set of them. From the first song, I bought into the whole concept, as did everyone else, and after half a dozen songs the whole experience was shaping into something quite special. The set list had obviously been carefully selected, as every song worked very well in an acoustic situation. Gary was also on top form, as he spoke at length between each song, giving the audience an insight into what each song was about. Looking back now, this was one of the best live shows I've ever seen. Who'd have thought it... 

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