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Brown's Boats, Durham City Centre, UK (Time Lapse)


It was a red hot summers day in mid-august 2022 when I headed into Durham City Centre to test out the time lapse feature on my mobile phone.

The idea came into my head just a couple of days previously, when me and my wife were enjoying a rather nice alcoholic beverage on the banks of the river wear in Durham. We were sat outside the Boathouse pub, next to Elvet Bridge, where the rowing boats are tethered. We sat for an hour or so, watching the world go by, and in particular the punters who has hired the boats. The sun was beating down and it certainly seemed like the place to be on a balmy afternoon. I was beginning to wish I'd brought my tripod, so that I could run off a time lapse video of the boats, zipping up and down the river. Never mind, there's always another time..

I didn't have to wait too long for that opportunity to present itself. I had a couple of hours spare time on Saturday 13th August, so shortyl before mid-day I headed back through Durham, only this time I had my tripod and moblie phone, as well as a power bank to keep the phone juiced up, as it was only on 15% baterry power when I left home (poor preparation ha).

I shot the time lapse video's from 4 different vantage points, rather than do a one dimensional video from a single position. It worked out quite well, although all that stading around in 26 degrees of heat was no barrel of laughs!

It was interesting to play back the video to see the complete expertise in peoples rowing skills ha. I'm no expert myself, but some of the rowing is quite funny to watch, and when you see a time lapse video of it, it really does expose every little mistake. Of course, during real time it doesn't look bad at all and the main thing is, everyone stayed safe and enjoyed themselves.

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