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Swan Lake (Part Two) ~ Photo Slideshow, including soundtrack by Ray Shaw Music


Part One of SWAN LAKE 

So here it is...without further ado...SWAN LAKE (Part Two), with a classic musical accompaniment, courtesy of

With the vast amount of Mute Swan photo's in my collection, it made sense to produce a follow to my first slideshow. Again, the focus is on the various stages in the life of Mute Swans, beginning with egg laying, through to adulthood and everything in between. There are many sunrise shots amongst both slideshows and these are often the most eye-catching of them all, mainly because of the explosion of colour in the backdrop skies. There is a definite field craft to this genre of photography and mine has been crafted over many years. An awareness of bird behaviour and habitat is a must for anyone who specializes in the art of swan whispering. 

Until the next time...


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