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Gary Numan - 45th Anniversary Tour

(The Pleasure Principle/Replicas)

Venue : o2 City Hall, Newcastle, England

Date : Thursday 23 May, 2024

Another fantastic live show, following last years Acoustic Tour (2023), and once again playing to packed venues around the UK.

This was the 45th anniversary of the 1979 album releases, The Pleasure Principle and Replicas. Lots of energy on stage and powerful performances by everyone on stage.

No support for this one. Gary and the band played for 95 minutes, during which time I managed to get near the front of house to bag a few shots of the gig. Another memorable night!

Gary Numan : vocals, synthesiser, lead guitar

Steve Harris : Bass guitar, synthesiser

Tim Slade : Bass guitar, synthesiser

David Brooks : Synthesisers

Drums : Jimmy Lucido


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