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Derek Forbes And The Dark (Live In Concert), Kubix Festival 2023, Sunderland, UK


Derek Forbes is a Scottish bass guitarist who found fame with Simple Minds, back in the early 1980's. He has also played with German band Propaganda, as well as Big Country, Spear Of Destiny and The Alarm. It was with Simple Minds that Derek co-wrote some of the most well known hit songs of a golden era. Today DEREK FORBES AND THE DARK played some of those early Minds songs to a very enthusiastic audience, in the marquee at Herrington Country Park. 


Derek was joined on stage with drummer Tony Soave, formerly of The Silencers, and keyboard player James Breckon. 


It was great to chat with Derek, before and after his performance. If it wasn't for Derek, I wouldn't have had the fantastic opportunity of photographing KUBIX FESTIVAL 2023 from the pit, so thanks again to Derek for the VIP wristband and Media Pass. What a day...and night!!!

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