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Heaven 17 (Live In Concert), Kubix Festival 2023, Sunderland, UK


A quick dash over the muddy field was required in order to catch the last 10 minutes of HEAVEN 17. I'd been photographing the entire set of DEREK FORBES AND THE DARK, on the marquee stage, so there was a crossover between one stage to another. The rain was lashing down at this point, but I was determined to catch the last couple of songs. As I made my way into the photographers pit, the band were performing 'Let's All Make A Bomb'. No time to waste - out comes the camera...

The only other song I remember was the iconic 'Temptation', which was saved until the very last song. I'm pretty sure I heard a third song, but I can't seem to recall what it was. Nevertheless, I managed to grab some decent shots during the brief opportunity I had. HEAVEN 17 were crowd favourites, that's for sure...

Glen Gregory (Lead Vocals), Martyn Ware (Keyboards and Backing Vocals), Kelly Barnes (Vocals), Rachael Meadows (Vocals)

Berenice Scott (Keyboards)

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