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Aurora Chasing ~ Belhaven Bridge, Dunbar, Scotland, UK

Belhaven Bridge, also known as the Bridge To Nowhere, has been on my 'Places to visit' list for as long as I care to remember. This unique structure is a photographers dream, especially in the right conditions. Located in Dunbar, on the south=east coast of Scotland, it is one of those places that simply has to be ticked off and on this occasion I made the 220 miles round trip in the hope of capturing some special photography. 

As an avid astro-photographer, my plan was to photograph the Bridge To Nowhere with a backdrop of blazing sky, in the shape of those elusive Northern Lights - also known as the Aurora Borealis. Easier said than done, but I had a hunch that tonight I was gonna hit lucky, hence the gamble to take a road trip over the Scottish Border.

The journey north wasn't the best, as I listened to BBC Radio Newcastle and my beloved Sunderland AFC getting spanked 5-1 by promotion rivals Rotherham United. Ah well, as the song goes...things can only get better!

So what did the night bring? Was it another wild goose chase, or, did I indeed hit lucky? Well, you can find out in no time at all by playing the video above. Enjoy!!

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