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Under The Stars - Astro Photography Slideshow (featuring RAY SHAW MUSIC)

It's photo slideshow time once again. On this occasion 'Two Worlds Collide' and I mean that in the best way possible, as the photography of Ashley Corr meets the musical brilliance of Sunderland composer, Ray Shaw. 

Ray and I got our heads together and collaborated on three previous photo slideshows, notably 'Seasapes At Sunrise' and 'Swan Lake' (parts one and two). I was in the process of putting together another photo slideshow, which at the time was a work in progress. It's working title was 'Under The Stars' - a compilation of my astro photography. However, as it was in the embyonic stage, an accompanying soundtrack hadn't entered the equation, which is when Ray got involved. He weaved his musical magic and created a bespoke piece of music that was a perfect fit. I hope you'll agree, when you sit back and watch this slideshow. This is what makes astro photography the special thing that it is...



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