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Astro Photography Slideshow (Part 1)

It is here where you'll find a collection of photographs in slideshow format. The genre is Astro Photography, which is something I got into as a natural progression from low-light/night photography. Quite often I'd be out in the city at night with the camera, grabbing a few shots before heading home. Then suddenly, I was still taking the shots, but not heading home. I stayed out until the early hours of the morning, continuously pointing my camera at the sky and all it had to offer. Astro is quite addictive and unlike any other genre of photography I had practiced. It took me far and wide and into some very remote locations, but that was half the fun. Photography as a hobby had never been this good and those daylight shots were by now becoming a thing of the past. I became quite nocturnal, operating under darkness and photographing some amazing night skies. I attempted star trails, milky way shots and even Aurora chasing. The results of those first two years are shown here, in my first Astro slideshow. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making these photographs...

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