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Astro Photography Slideshow (Part 2)

Following on from my first installment, here is the sequel to Part 1, as I bring you another 18 months worth of Astro Photography images, here at

By this time I'd firmly got to grips with shooting AstroScapes, although I was still learning how to process the images, which was no mean feat. The nocturnal adventures kicked on and it was fast becoming 80% of my photography output. Quite often I'd pop out on weekends, when conditions were favourable, especially clear skies with no moon. Full moon came in handy too, so it was good to arrange a night shoot around the varying conditions and moon phases. Even during the week, after an 8 hour shift that finished at 11;20pm, I'd head straight out in the hope of pulling in some nice shots. It wasn't uncommon to finish a shift on the production line and take a road trip to Bamburgh, some 70 miles away! Arriving at 1am and seeing the Northern Lights blazing on the horizon made the trip all the more worthwhile. Who dares wins.


I hope you enjoy Part 2, shown above. It was a joy to put together and even better to experience all those locations, under a fantastic night sky. Here's to the next installment...   

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