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Lumiere Light Festival, 2019 - Durham City, UK


Returning to Durham once again, the ever popular Lumiere Light Festival is a collection of lighting installations that are dotted around the historic city of Durham, in the North-East of England. The festival attracts many thousands of visitors during four consecutive nights in Mid-November. The centre-piece lighting installation is the majestic Durham Cathedral, which is situated on Palace Green, a short walk from the city centre's Market Square. The square itself is always a hive of activity, as it always has an eye-catching installation in-situ. 

In 2017 I attended each of the 4 nights of Lumiere, and I managed to photograph all of the key installations in the City Centre. It involved quite a lot of walking, as the installations were spread quite far and wide, but that was half the fun. The riverside walk was very interesting. From Prebends Bridge, across the River Wear and along towards Framwellgate Bridge, the trail was illuminated, although we were encouraged not to stop on the path to take photo's, due to the volume of people on the move. I managed to sneak one or two shots in, during the display (Enchanted Riverside), when the fog machine kicked in and the haunting music rang out loud. This was definitely the best installation to visit and one that I re-visited on more than one occasion during another successful Lumiere event.

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