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Kraftwerk Tribute Band, Darlington, UK 


A Kraftwerk tribute band. I never knew there was one until I went to see a Gary Numan tribute act, in Darlington, UK. Man Machine were the support slot and they're a two piece band, standing in the shadows on stage, with a very impressive laser light show accompanying their music. I remember standing in the bar area having a drink with my friend, when we heard the intro to 'Autobahn.'  We weren't expecting the support band to start so early and were caught off guard, so we headed into the tiny concert room to take in the show. It was certainly loud and we couldn't see much of the stage due to the lasers flying around the room. 

It was a decent show, although the vocals were quite poor. A few technical hitches blighted the performance, but overall it was a good opening for what was to follow. My friend thought Man Machine were abysmal. Ah well, you can't please everyone, I suppose.

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