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North East England - Seascapes At Sunrise (Photo Slideshow)


When an unexpected email arrives and it's sent by a local music composer it quickly developed into a collaboration where music and photography were combined to produce a piece of work that really makes you sit up, watch...and listen. 

Ray Shaw Music contacted me, after composing a musical piece that made its way onto a slideshow he had created, with images of local sunrise shots that were captured on the North-East England coast. He politely asked if he could use my images on his slideshow creation, and he sent me his piece of work for me to listen to. After I first listened to the track...Opus 57 (Shining Light)... I was quite mesmerized from start to finish. I 'll not go into too much detail, as I'd like you to play the slideshow (above) and decide for yourself. All I will say, is that this amazing piece of music compliments my photography perfectly. A match made in heaven??? I'll let you decide.


One thing is for sure. I can't wait to get started on a sequel and Ray has already been in touch with the news that he has new compositions waiting for my accompanying photographs, so stay tuned for more collaborations with Ashley Corr & Ray Shaw Music...    

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