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Northern Lights, Souter Lighthouse, Marsden, UK

A night of all nights. Does it get any better than this? An amazing Northern Lights display, captured on the north-east coast of England and a night that I won't forget. I remember it like it was yesterday. I 'd drove to Newcastle Quayside to do a spot of low-light photography and shortly after I arrived I received an aurora alert on my smartphone. After a quick viewing of the stats on, I found myself heading back to Sunderland as my interest in Newcastle Quayside was dramatically diverted. En route, I phoned my brother Chris, to see if he'd like to accompany me on an aurora chase. Within minuteds I was at his address and he quickly jumped into my car, before we headed off to Souter Lighthouse, which lies on the coast between Sunderland and South Shields.

Upon arrival we could see a huge glow in the sky, looking north. It was most definitely GAME ON !

Over the course of the next 90 minutes or so the sky on the northern horizon was ablaze with colour. This was one huge solar storm that we were witnessing right in front of us. Many more photographers were in attendance to see a spectacle that really did make you stand back in awe of what was actually unfolding before our eyes. I'd seen the Northern Lights a few times previously, but this was off the charts. Without doubt the most enjoyable night I have spent behind a camera and one that will live in my memory for ever. Check it out! 

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