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Time Lapse Compilation (Part 1)


Until I actually tried this, time lapse photography had often caught my eye. I often wondered how it was achieved and how difficult might it be to put one together myself. After doing some research on the internet, it became apparent that I had the necessary tools to pull it off, so it was simply a case of getting out in the field and giving it a bash. I decided that a good starting point would be a daylight time lapse, as it wasn't over adventurous for a complete novice like myself and hopefully the camera settings wouldn't be a ball ache to work out. As a time lapse is all about movement, I carefully picked out a few locations that would lend themselves to my project. Fast moving clouds were also a bonus, so I waited for ideal conditions to incorporate them into my time lapse. The results are shown here (above), in my first time lapse compilation.

I used a combination of two different cameras to pull in the images. This was an experiment to establish which camera was best suited to time lapse, if any. I could also compare the image quality from both and decide whether to run with a preferred camera for future time lapse sequences. My initial efforts were captured on a GoPro Hero 5 (Black Edition), then I progressed with a Canon 5D MK3 body, with a 24-105L lens. An intervalometer was used with the Canon body, which was very straightforward to program. Most of the sequences in this compilation video took between an hour and 90 minutes to photograph. It was then a case of dropping all the images onto a PC and loading them into a program to compile the time lapse. The whole process from start to finish was very time consuming, but the results were well worth the effort. I hope you agree (wink)...

Locations Include :

(01) Tommy Statue, Seaham, County Durham


(02) Tommy Statue, Seaham, County Durham (Motion Time Lapse, including Rainbow)


(03) Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall


(04) Durham Cathedral (from Observatory Hill)


(05) Gateshead Quays (Motion Time Lapse) 


(06) River Nidd, Knaresbrough


(07) The Kelpies, Helix Park, Falkirk, Scotland


(08) Penshaw Monument (from bottom of the hill)


(09) High Sharpley Wind Farm, near Houghton-le-Spring


(10)  Abandoned Airframe, RAF Spadeadam, Gilsland, Cumbria


(11)   Copt Hill Barrow, Houghton-le-Spring


(12)  Northern Spire, Sunderland (Motion Time Lapse)


(13)  Seaham Pier, County Durham (Motion Time Lapse)


(14)  Conversation Piece, Little Haven, South Shields (Motion Time Lapse)


(15)  Angel Of The North, Gateshead

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