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Time Lapse Compilation (Part 2)


My second compilation of time lapse photography is an all night time affair, which was a big step up from my day time introduction. God only knows how long I stood around while the camera done its thing! I'd estimate around 1 hour to 90 minutes for the excerpts in this compilation. As with any photograph I take, it's a simple case of exposing correctly for an image, then taking continuous shots one after each other. The night time sequences were shot as dusk had fallen, so there wasn't a great change in light, as complete darkness had set in. I had settled on a fixed exposure setting, so any change in light over the duration of the shots would have had a negative effect on the finished video. It worked out very well and the results are shown here, in my second time lapse compilation. Again, I cherry picked some ideal locations from around the north of England, then I turned up and put my vision into practice. 

Time lapse is quite addictive, but takes a lot of patience. Once the camera is set up and activated, it's then a case of standing around until you've had enough, then packing up and getting out of there. The real work begins when you collect the images and load them into PC software, which then creates the finished time lapse sequence, which is determined by your chosen FPS (frames per second). I think you'll agree, it's a departure from my usual photography, but a very eye-catching piece of work.

Locations Include :


(01) Northern Spire, Sunderland Car Trails In The Mist,

(02) Seaham Pier, County Durham (Night Fishing/Moonrise)

(03) Infinity Bridge, Stockton On Tees (Slack Water Reflections)

(04) Sycamore Gap, Hadrian's Wall (Cloudy Night To Clear Skies)

(05) Penshaw Monument (LGBT Rainbow Lighting Display) 

(06) St. Mary's Lighthouse, Whitley Bay (On The Causeway)

(07) Tommy Statue, Seaham Harbour (Fast Moving Clouds)

(08) Moonset Over Sunderland (Full Moon)

(09) Motion Star Trails, RAF Spadeadam, Cumbria (Abandoned Aircraft)

(10)  Motion Star Trails, Houghton le Spring (My Back Garden)

(11)  Groyne Lighthouse, South Shields (Fast Moving Cloudage At Night)

(12) Northern Spire, Sunderland (Still Waters)

(13) Durham City Centre (Cars & Trains At Dusk)

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