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Illuminated Abbey 2022, Whitby, North Yorkshire, UK

Here it is, my longest video production to date. Pushing the boundaries a bit with this one, as it is 34 minutes long and in glorious High Definition. Filmed on a high end DSLR, this was my first real dip into filming an event on something other than a GoPro or a mobile 

phone. Every day is a school day eh. It was an interesting challenge, so off to Whitby I went, in pursuit of some nice video footage.

The Illuminated Abbey event took place over a ten day period, between 6 and 9pm, with its final production fallimg very aptly on... HALLOWEEN! 

I attended the event on two of those nights, as there was too much to cover in one night alone. The first night was spent on the photography side of things and I was making preparations in my head for the second visit, based on what I had already captured and what I had missed, up to this point.

The show itself was every bit as spectacular as I had hoped for. Once again, TIME WILL TELL THEATRE GROUP pulled out all the stops to deliver an entertaining and dramatic storyline, which was based around Count Dracula. What better backdrop than Whitby Abbey, to tell a tale of gothic horror? 


Camel Event Production were responsible for the lighting around the abbey grounds and the obvoius focal point that is the abbey. The vampire chasers were courtesy of Whitby Community Choir and the cast included students from Scarborough CU acting course.

Once again, thousands of visitors flocked to Illuminated Abbey. This was my third time at this event, follwing previous visits in 2017 and 2021. 

Well done to everyone involved - this was a memorable event, which I hoe you'll agree with when you play this video. The acting scenes have been trimmed, as I didn't want the video to be too long, but if you'd like to see each act in its entirity, please visit my YouTube channel, where you'll find each one available in high definition playback. To visit my channel, click the YoyTube logo at the foot of this page.

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