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Video Hub 3 > Fairground ~ Houghton Feast 2021, England (Aerial Video) 

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Houghton Feast, Houghton-le-Spring, Tyne & Wear, England

3 minutes of aerial footage that I grabbed during the annual Houghton Feast, which returned this year, following an absence during 2020 because of the Corona Virus pandemic. This was filmed during the peniltimate night, just as the gates had opened, so they was only a sprinkling of visitors in the park. 

The History Of Houghton Feast

The Feast has its origins in the 12th century as Michaelmas, the festival of the dedication of the parish church of St Michael & All Angels.

A common misbelief is that Rector Bernard Gilpin (1557 to 1583) founded the event, or that it originated as a celebration of his safe return to Houghton after his arrest for heresy when the country was under the rule of Mary I; when in fact the Feast predates Gilpin’s arrival at Houghton.


The festival, which is still centred on the historic parish church, has taken many forms over the years.

These articles look at how Houghton Feast has evolved over the years from a simple church service into the community festival we known and love today.

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