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Video Hub 3 > Walking In A Winter Sunderland (Aerial Video) 

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Walking In A Winter Sunderland (Aerial Video)

Following on from my last aerial video offering, I retrace my steps by revisiting Penshaw Hill, for more of the same. On my last outing I was blessed with the most amazing carpet of mist, that wrapped itself around the hill and its surroundings. It's what aerial videography is all about!

Witihn a month of that unforgettable experience, I was in awe of the same scenery, only this time it was a vast carpet of snow that greeted me. With no time to lose, the drone was up, up and away, to record a birds eye view of the landscape. The idea was to recreate a very similar flight path to 'The Day Washington Disappeared'.

When you think you've seen it all...think again...this was yet another sight to behold...

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