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Illuminated Abbey 2022, Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, UK


The return of 'Illuminated Abbey' graces the north-eastcoastal town of Whitby once again. In previous years, thousands of visitors have descended on the town, to be a part of this event, which always coincides with halloween and Whitby Goth Weekend. Whitby has very strong links to Count Dracula and all its gothic splendour, so the abbey and its grounds is the ideal backdrop for events like this.


2022 saw the return of Time Will Tell Theatre (main actors), Whitby Community Choir (Vampire Hunters) and Scarborough CU (acting course students). The lighting installations were provided by Camel Event Production.


The story revolves around 5 parts...


1. Jonathan & Mina Harker (Return to Whitby)

2. The Demeter's Fate

3. Count Dracula?

4. A Trap Is Set

5. Dracula Returns


It was another brilliant show. Hats off to everyone involved, plus the hoard that attended, which made it another successful event. Already 

looking forward to next years Illuminated Abbey 2023...     


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