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Illuminated Abbey 2021, Whitby, North Yorkshire, England, UK

Whitby Abbey was once again the centre-piece of another dramatic illumination, which cast light on the dark history of Halloween. The inspiration of Bram Stoker's Dracula and a gothic splendour drew thousands of visitors to this event, which took place between 23rd and 31st October, 2021.

As well as the illuminated abbey, in all colours of the rainbow, a cast of actors from 'Time Will Tell Theatre Company' included The Narrator and The Hunter. The Wraiths, who were students from Chichester University, were dressed in gothic-victorian costume and roamed the Abbey Grounds in a spooky, zombie like manner, much to the amusement of some, although the younger visitors weren't too impressed. Every half hour saw the introduction of a short story, from The Narrator, as visitors were encouraged to move on to the next part of the Abbey, to hear the next installment. The story reached its climax as 'The Monster' appeared, alongside each of the Wraiths in a kind of exorcism type performance.


IT'S COMING !!!!!!!!!!


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