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Portfolio > Event Coverage > Firework Display, Stockton-on-Tees, 2017                                           Click on an image below to reveal enlarged version

Infinity Bridge, Stockton-on-Tees, UK

My first attempt at shooting a firework display. We travelled down the A19 to Stockton, leaving plenty of time to get a good spot along the River Tees. Arriving around 4.20pm and seeing only one person insitu, we made a wise decision to get out of the blocks nice and early. Now it was a simple case of standing around until 7pm for the firework display to start. Not that 'Simple' eh (smile).

Within an hour of arrival, the whole of the viewpoint was taken up by photographers! It was packed out and that was well before Joe Public arrived! I spoke to a couple of local photographers that I'd only ever heard of through social media photography pages. It was nice to put faces to the names of Beverley Forbes McBean & Dan Chiricuta.

Around 6.30pm, with only 30 minutes to go, the river was flat calm, with some brilliant reflections. Wow, this was gonna make for some amazing photographs. That was, until 5 minutes to go, when a small carrier boat suddenly appeared to our right and made its way down the river and under the Infinity Bridge. I guess it was all part of the show and the people onboard were event staff, of some sort. One thing was sure, the boat had killed off any chance of some lovely reflections, as the water rippled for quite a while and never really settled down, as the firework display kicked off.


I ran two camera's, side by side. A canon 5D3 and a Sony a7s. Here is the results... 


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