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Sunderland Tall Ships Regatta

Sunderland welcomed an international fleet of over 80 Tall Ships in summer 2018. The Tall Ships Sunderland four-day event attracted over 1.5million visitors to the city with a stunning display on the banks of the River Wear and the Port of Sunderland. Tall Ships Sunderland took place from July 11 to July 14, 2018. The Tall Ships regatta previously came to Blyth, Northumberland on August Bank Holiday weekend in summer 2016.


'Sunderland, with its rich maritime heritage, is the perfect venue for the Tall Ships Regatta. Enjoy spectacular views of the fleet of majestic and historic sailing ships from the seafront and along the banks of the River Wear. Epitomising the age of exploration when the likes of Christopher Colombus took to the oceans with little knowledge of routes or destinations, we can admire the collection of classic vessels and enjoy the fantastic shore side entertainment. Although the ships will be closed for public access as they make their final preparations for the Races, we’ll have the chance to watch them as they undock over the course of the afternoon and move out into the North Sea in a stunning Parade of Sail'

There are four pages of 'Tall Ships 2018' images. Simply click below to visit each one, which covers the event from start to finish. Enjoy!

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Port Of Sunderland ~ Page 1
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Port Of Sunderland ~ Page 2
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Ships In The Night ~ East End
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Departure ~ Roker Pier
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