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Tubeway Days (Live In Concert) 1

Tubeway Days is a full band tribute to synth/electronic pioneer Gary Numan. The band pay homage to his legendary iconic period of 1979 and 1980, plus the occasional song of two from Numan's 'Punk style' of 1978. This six piece band are starting to gather real momentum, following their

decision to invite Chris Fielding (Gary Numan) to join the band. Chris appeared as Gary Numan, on national TV's 'Stars In Their Eyes'  back in 1998.

As a life long fan of Gary Numan, I discovered Tubeway Days a few years ago, on social media. I watched a couple of the bands videos on YouTube and was immediately hooked. I was amazed at how well the band replicated the live sound of Gary Numan, from his heyda y back in 1979/80. The music blew me away and I knew from that day I had to see this band in the flesh. But live shows were very few and far between and soon after I discovered Tubeway Days, the orignal singer left the band. Fast forward a few years, with a new front man onboard, the band are suddenly gigging again. The only previous live shows they had done were outside my north-east base, although I was so keen to watch then play live, I was well prepared to do a road trip, to catch their live show. 

July 2022 and what do ya know...TUBEWAY DAYS are playing live in the north-east of England. Game on!!!!  The Little Theatre, in Gateshead, was the venue - a small tight auditorium, but ideal. And what an amazing show it was. Well worth the wait and the overriding thought being...this is just the start of many more gigs to follow...and I'll be there to document them.

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