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The Cathedral & The Moonrise, Durham City

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

Another moon installment for you, folks. This outing happened the night before my Roker Pier moonrise (see last blog entry), and it was also billed as a Sturgeon Moon, even though it was only at 98%. To my eyes, that's a full moon in my book - at least that I'm billing it as one...ha.

Once again, the trusty PHOTOGRAPHERS EPHEMERIS app gave me a 'bunk up' in terms of preparation and this is an invaluable tool when attempting photography of this kind. Again, it was a shorts and t-shirt affair, as we'd been lucky to have a fantastic few days of weather and I'd just come out of my Covide exile, which was an added bonus. It was still 18 degrees C at 8.30pm, but by god those midgey's in Wharton Park gave me a run for my money. What a nightmare!! I was perched quite high on a great vantage point overlooking Durham City, facing east, with the Cathedral lit up and waiting for it's close-up...courtesy of a long lens!!

Moonrise time was 8.49pm and I was up and running by that time with camera 1, clicking away continuously to pull in a time lapse sequence. Camera 2 was set up nearby and I quickly set about pulling in a few stills as the moon done its thing. Not a great deal to say, apart from that, so I'll just leave those images here and reel off some more blog entries while I'm at it. Thanks for reading, folks!




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