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BLOGGER Archive, 2009-2020 (371 Posts)

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Hi everyone,

This posts is aimed at all visitors to my site, especially those who like to read by blog entries. My website blog was once linked to an external page called BLOGGER, which I first introduced way back in 2009. It concentrated mainly on my photo outings with the camera, although other photography related bits and bobs were thrown in for good measure. The writings were always accompanied with images that related to it and many a blog entry showed the fruits of each photo outing. Blogging was something that didn't come naturally, by any stretch, but as it evolved, back in 2009, I found myself becoming more comfortable with the whole idea and it seemed to flow more freely.

As I say, it all began in 2009 and lasted until 2020, with 371 entries being notched up during those years. It all started well, but as the years passed, I found myself doing less blogging, which was mainly due to a combination of more time in the field with the camera and other non-photography commitments. I always had good intentions of ramping it back up, but it never materialized, so BLOGGER grinded to a halt altogether.

However, the page is still accessible on the internet and this post is being made to make everyone aware. After all, it would be a real shame to bin it off altogether and such a resource should be available, for reference, if nothing else.

371 posts, spanning, 12's all here, so if you would like to catch up on my Blog Archive, just click the link below. My last blog entry to the page was made on 13 October, 2020. That's when activity ceased...UNTIL NOW!

My blogging has finally returned...and this is the page where you'll find its continuation (

I promise to get my arse into gear and update it regularly, lol. So much to write about and so many photo's to share. I'll give you an insight as to what I've been up to with the camera, plus future plans and places on my list to visit. Just click on each of the tiles on my new blog page and it will take you to the corresponding blog entry. He's there lad !!!!

Back soon, folks...

Cheers, A.C



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