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New Website Now Complete!!!

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

Hello again!

Well, after 8 months of web building, is now complete and live on the internet. God only knows how many hours graft I've put into my new site, but the hard work is now behind me and I'm very happy with the new layout and extra features on my site. My new site comes in two forms - first there's the full DESKTOP version (for PC/Mac & tablet, with an accompanying MOBILE version (for mobile phones). As you will see, both versions are very different, as the DESKTOP version is in landscape format, featuring a layout to suit, and the MOBILE version is portrait format, for scrolling down a mobile phone display.

The main menu bar on the HOME PAGE gives you the option to choose and of the following sections...

PORTFOLIO, VIDEO HUB 1&2, PROFILE, SOCIAL MEDIA/CONTACT, BLOG, DOWNLOADS and SITE UPDATES. The PORTFOLIO page is where you'll find all my image galleries and there's quite a few of those. They are split into several sections, such as CITY OF SUNDERLAND, NORTH EAST ENGLAND 1&2, ON LOCATION (UK), ON LOCATION (OVERSEAS), ASTROSCAPES (THE NIGHT SKY), SPECIAL FEATURE GALLERIES, EVENT COVERAGE 1 & EVENT COVERAGE 2. More sections are in the pipeline as I write this blog entry!

I've introduced a new section that didn't feature on the previous incarnation of It's a free

DOWNLOADS section, where visitors can grab a selection of screensavers for their device(s). I've selected 6 random images, which will be replaced every couple of months with new choices. They are are available to download in two sizes...firstly there's a full HD version (1920 x 1080 pixels) and a standard HD (1280 x 720 pixels) version. Downloads arrive in a zip file folder, so once you've grabbed your free download you'll need a program to unzip the image from its folder (Winrar is a program I'd highly recommend, if you don't already have a suitable program). Click here to download Winrar.

I'm currently working on the construction of my STORE section, so stay tuned for that! Visitors will have the option to buy prints, mounted prints, digital downloads and more.

My CONTACT section includes a contact form that visitors can use to contact me with a general enquiry, sales enquiry or anything else related to my photography work and website. I'll attempt to reply to all form submissions with 24 hours, or 48 hours at the latest. The CONTACT page also gives you an email link, plus two options for direct phone calls (Landline & Mobile phone numbers).

And that's about it for now. I'm looking forward to seeing many visitors from around the UK and abroad. I'll be regularly checking my analytics section to gather visitor information and to see what volume of traffic my site is reaching, through Google SEO (Search engine optimization).

Until the next time, cheers!




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